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Schedule of the Intl inbound truck flight (2.18~2.24)

Dear Valued Customer Airlines,

According to the current actual situation, from February 18 to 24, the truck flight operation  plan is as follows:

Scheduled truck:

HGH    23FEB (SUN)                                     SZV  23FEB (SUN)                                    TSN  23FEB (SUN)

PEK  24FEB (MON)                                       DLC  18FEB (TUE)

NKG  19FEB (WED), 23FEB (SUN)             SIA  19FEB (WED), 23FEB (SUN)

transshipment  of above destination  is available as per schedule

NGB, WNZ, TAO, CGQ, SHE suspend the transshipment

Non-scheduled truck:

HFE, CAN, CSX, WUX, YNT transshipment  is available

CKG, WHU, KMG, XMN, CGO, FOC, HRB, TYN, KWE, HAK, HET, CAN, KWL, TNA suspend the transshipment

Above plan is based on the road management and weather condition of  each destination , if there is any further change ,it will be updated  in time.

For the epidemic prevention goods and materials to be transferred to other stations, please  follow the previous procedure.

Thanks for your understanding and support

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