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Shanghai Airport Opens Green Channel to Ensure Efficient Air Transportation of China's Aid for Africa

At 20:00 on 5th April , Air China’s cargo freighter CA1007 took off from Shanghai Pudong Intl. Airport to Accra, the capital city of Ghana. This rescue supplies charter B747-400 carried 37.3 tons of epidemic prevention materials to Africa, including face masks, protective gowns, gloves, hand sanitizer, Chinese patent medicine, etc

The air transportation of epidemic prevention materials allow of no delay! For ensure the efficiency and safety, Shanghai Airport Authority and Air China work closely on operation plan in advance. All shipments were accepted as loose cargo and required for PACTL build-up service with high requirements on handling time and palletization quality. Shanghai Pudong International Airport Public Cargo Terminal (PACTL West) gave top priority over the shipments and opened the green channel for quick cargo handling and delivery service. At 2:00, first batch of materials arrived, a dedicated service team, composed of PACTL’s Communist Party members together, provided a superior standardized air cargo terminal service, from cargo acceptance, build-up to weighing. From dawn to noon, all aid materials have been arrived and taken good care on request. Before the cut-off time for aircraft loading, 34 pallets were ready to go and orderly staged at the rampside of PACTL West. The whole cargo handling process took 20% less time than the same volume takes in daily operation.

After that, batchs of materials labeled  "CHINA AID FOR SHARED FURTURE "  both in Chinese and English were moved to the dedicated parking bay. SIAS, the ramp service division of Shanghai Airport completed the magnificent uploading task of all 34 pallets within one hour, ensuring the flight departure on time .

China-Africa are connected during the epidemic prevention, the relief shipments were accepted, handled and transported in Pudong Intl. Airport on the same day. With the joint efforts of all relevant entities together, Shanghai Airport refreshed its ground service speed once again.

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