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Brief Introduction

1. What’s the function of the Handling Center?


To meet further development of Cross-border E-commerce business and its demands for air transportation at Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport, PACTL Cross-border E-commerce Cargo Handling Center, according to Customs supervision requirements and specifications, is set up by PACTL team from workflow design, site construction, and operations management to dedicated services. As a Customs surveillance facility for outbound cross-border e-commerce cargo, the Handling Center is dedicated in offering one-stop operation and facilitation services for corporate customers.

2. Where’s the Handling Center?


PACTL Cross-border E-commerce Cargo Handling Center is situated in PACTL West, at 501 West He Bin Rd., Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport.

3. How is the facility scale of the Handling Center?


PACTL Cross-border E-commerce Cargo Handling Center is a facility of about 3,000 m2, equipped with 4 fully-automated sorting lines and advanced systems for smart cargo inspection and sorting, CCTV monitoring as well as information management. The Handling Center mainly consists of different functional areas such as truck unloading platform, cargo buffering area, sorting Lines, cargo inspection area, Customs inspection room, detained cargo area as well as a released cargo area.

4. How is the capacity of Handling Center?


At present, PACTL Cross-border E-commerce Cargo Center can handle 200,000 orders of goods per day. In the future, it will be able to further expand the capacity according to actual operation demands.

Service Advantages

5. What service does the Handling Center provide?


PACTL Cross-border E-commerce Cargo Center can provide services of cargo delivery reservation, acceptance, sorting, Customs inspection and related dedicated services for export cross-border e-commerce cargo. With an air-side connection to all PACTL’s cargo terminals for a well function linkage, corporate customers can independently choose any airlines served by PACTL for air transportation service covering major airport destinations worldwide.

6. What are the advantages of the Handling Center?


· One-stop service and facilitation operation
· Less logistic links and lower enterprise cost
· 100% neutrality platform and free choice of airlines
· Professional service team and 24/7operation
· Fully-automated sorting system for high efficiency and accuracy
· Intensive, intelligent, digitalized customs inspection supporting service

Operation Process

7. What is the operation process of the Handling Center?

Logistic Enterprise Reserves Delivery Service

Logistic enterprise submits reservation request for cargo delivery in Handling Center System.

Pre-check by Easy Cargo

MAWB agent shall fill in and submit the pre-check application on Easy Cargo platform.

Cargo Delivery

Logistics enterprise trucks arrive at the Handling Center to unload and deliver cargo.

Cargo Arrival for Customs Matters

The Handling Center system sends cargo arrival data to Shanghai Cross-border E-commerce Public Service Platform and receives its feedback data.

Cargo Terminal Service

Consistent with current outbound operation process of PACTL/ PACTL West, including cargo security check, delivery, build-up, documentation and other cargo terminal services.

Inspected Cargo Handling

For released cargo, Logistic enterprise independently arranges follow-up flights for transportation. For unreleased cargo, the Handling Center will cooperate with the completion of customs formalities.

Cooperate with Customs Inspection

Appointed staff of logistics enterprise can cooperate with Customs inspection at designated area of the Handling Center, and comply with the relevant regulations of the Handling Center.

Cargo Sorting

Sorting out the cargo not released by Customs from the delivered cargo.

Business Collaboration

8. When does the Handling Center start operation?


PACTL Cross-border E-commerce Cargo Handling Center has started trial operation on December 18, 2019.

9. What is the service scope of the Handling Center?


At the initial stage of operation, PACTL Cross-border E-commerce Cargo Handling Center provides cargo operation and Customs withholding storage service. All services are subject to the same service standard and charging price. Further customized services will be provided according to customer demands and market demands depending on operation capability.

10. How to settle with the Handling Center?


PACTL Cross-border E-commerce Cargo Handling Center only accepts monthly statement customers. Logistics enterprises with express operator qualification shall open an account on the Shanghai Cross-border E-commerce Public Service Platform and sign the corresponding service agreement with PACTL/ PACTL West.

11. How to contact the Handling Center?


Marketing Hotline: 68842008*1505
Operation Hotline: 68842008*3680

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