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Cool Center

Located in Terminal 1 of Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd. (PACTL), PACTL Cool Center is the newest contribution to cool chain infrastructure for all temperature sensitive goods at Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG). Containing all features required in modern ground handling for temperature-controlled goods, PACTL Cool Center is designed to meet all demands for integrated, quality and reliable cool chain solutions.

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Bulk Cargo Operation System

PACTL's bulk cargo operation system of T1: Six stacker systems in two operation areas. Due to high-tech control and operating devices, the system runs automatically for bulk cargo storage and retrieval.

T1: Six stacker systems
123 auxiliary devices 10 layers high and 12 rows long
2400 cargo box positions
Loading limit per box: 2 tons

ULD Operation System

Operated by two elevated transfer vehicles (ETV) the ULD storage system can be used for ULD storage, retrieval and transfer.

Technical details:
5 layers high, 38 rows long
operated by 20 foot elevated transfer vehicles
maximum load of ETV: 13.6 tons
T1: 762 Positions; T3: 930 Positions

The Area for Cargo Build-Up / Break-Down

In this area, ULD cargo is accepted, weighed and transferred automatically; loose cargo is buildup and ULDs are broken down.

Technical details:
Equipped with 16-foot transfer vehicles and other subsidiary equipments
T1: 24 buildup / breakdown work stations
T3: 87 buildup / breakdown work stations


Totally over 112 vehicles are equipped for cargo operation and transportation. Among them:
72 three tons
7 seven tons
10 ten tons

6 two tons
17 two point 5 tons

Facility for Cargo Cooling and Freezing

We have very good equipments for temperature-controled goods to meet various needs of shippers and consignees.

Cool Room
348m2 59.4m2 669m2
214m2 -- 192m2
610m2 -- 695m2
DG Cool Storage
-- -- 56m2
Total Area 1172m2 59.4m2 1612m2

Dangerous Goods Storage House

For all dangerous goods classes PACTL can provide a separated room at our Dangerous Goods Warehouse. About 1200m2 in total allows PACTL to handle and store all kinds of dangerous goods including radioactive materials.

T1, 128m2 ; T3, 670m2

Vulnerable and Valuables Room (Strong Room)

For cargo with a high value PACTL provides special storage facilities. Vulnerable cargo can be stored in a special area of the warehouse, protected by a security fence and monitored 24/7.
For valuable cargo strong rooms with special security procedure and monitoring allows the safe storage of this special cargo.

T1, 180m2 ; T2, 112m2 ; T3, 251m2

Live Animals Room

The safekeeping of animals follows specific instructions.

According to national and international regulation PACTL can provide live Animals Rooms of 169m2.

T1, 84m2 ; T3, 85m2

CCTV System

Security and safety always play a very important role in all PACTL activities. Closely working together with the airport, customs and other authorities PACTL profoundly under stands its respective responsibility towards the air cargo industry as well as the general public. Investments into x-ray machines, a sophisticated cose circuit TV, an entry & exit control system and an independent security company to control the PACTL areas as well as well trained and dedicated staff make it possible for PACTL to handle the cargo with all necessary care and protection. We believe that security is not a matter of routine but of personal commitment.

Security Build Up Area

To speed up export cargo processing, PACTL is the first Handing Terminal to introduce dedicted warehouse space within its facilities to forwarding agents for palletising. The forwarding agent extension is equipped and supervised b PACTL, providing basically the same security, safety and handling equipment for cargo acceptance and build up, as used by PACTL itself. The advantage of this "shared use concept" lies in speed, as cut off times for BUPs are lowered to 120 minutes.

T- Cargo Area

To speed up the import process PACTL introduced the T - Cargo Area in 2005. Together with the agents PACTL breaks down the import ULDs and loads the freight directly on trucks to be forwarded to the agent's bonded warehouses. Addtional storage time at PACTL can therefore be avoided for the benefit and in favor of all participating parties.

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